Friday, 4 February 2011

This week I...

This photo is from my phone. I has screenprinting on wednesday
and I was painting directly onto the screen and then printing.

I decided to make another regular posting, to go alongside the thursday book day post. Its called This week I... Every friday or so I hope, Im going to sit down and examine the work Ive done that week or the lack of.

This week I...
- applied for work placements, with a few exciting childrens book publishers and at a couple book binderies.
- had an assessment for the projects Im working on. It went okay, I know what I need to develop and push further.
- had two nice pieces written about me on The Young Creatives [click here] and Blog And Buy Sale [click here]
- one of the publishers got back to me, and I have a 2 week placement soon, which is exciting.
- sent artwork off to be featured in Burst magazines [click here] love issue.

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