Sunday, 3 July 2011

This week and so

This week I have been all over the place and haven't had the chance to share anything.

Firstly on tuesday after work I found out I had been selected to be in the Artists’ Books on Tour show and given an honourable mention!

Ive been working on a new book this week, its inspired by the never ending frustration of post. This is a book about all the weird stuff I'd quite like to send in the post (whilst waiting for post.)
.. the first thing being me.

Yesterday I went to the D&D show and went to a Zine Workshop led by Alex Zamora of Feverzine.
Which was tonnes of fun!! and I made a little zine on my kitten in an edition of 15.

molly 2

And I was also featured on Ballad Of. [check the site out it's filled with some really nice stuf!!]


  1. Word's spreading... :D

  2. Congratulations on your selection :-)