Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Interim exhibition

interim show
Last week at university we have had our first exhibition of the year on display.

"The Book in Context is an exhibition of bookworks created by the third year London College of Communication undergraduates on the BA (Hons) Book Arts & Design programme.

These bookworks are a demonstration of how our traditional preconceptions of the Book can be challenged through exploration and interrogation of the Book’s form.

As Book Arts & Design is an interdisciplinary subject, the student’s work on display incorporates fine art, graphic design and independent publishing, together with a drawing of inspiration from historical and contextual sources. Consequently, the bookworks are self-authored projects, a communicating and packaging of ideas tailored to the student’s chosen theme - a demonstration of books as verbal and narrative exploration, as documents, as a visual form and books as conceptual spaces.

As a result, The Book in Context exhibition challenges how we, the audience, are being encouraged to think about the way information is consumed, how reading patterns and styles are evolving and how the Book is responding to the digital age.

However, the Book as a printed artefact is still one to behold and this exhibition is recognition of the wonderful fluidity and possibilities within the Book; how it stretches our imagination and continues to adapt to our ever-changing world.

‘A book is a highly complex organisation of material and conceptual elements’ (Drucker, J. 2004. The Century of Artists’ Books)"
interim show interim show interim show
Text from the interim show blog.
All photos from my phone. 


  1. I like the way the show has been curated and the interim show blog is good. Your work is most interesting ...and especially your findings about villians.


  2. you have conducted a useful piece of research about children's books and communicated the findings in an
    accessible and creative format.