Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My Phone Hates Me 4

The fourth in the My Phone Hates Me series, filled with my most recent absurd autocorrected texts I have sent.

Both funny and weird, this is for those of you who have an Iphone. You love it to bits and yet it hates you, its sole purpose it to make you seem stupid. I am forever sending mispelt texts thanks to my phone and I have illustrated some of my favourite and most unusual. There is no indication as to what the texts should have been, it is up to the reader to try and figure that out. But one example is “Hellish Hellish” that was me trying to text the word Hello except I just kept sending the word Hellish over and over.

Pages: 16
Paper size: A5
Paper Weight: 160gsm
Cover Weight: 325gsm

Available to buy on etsy.

myphonehatesme2 myphonehatesme3

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